This research was compiled in Valencia, Spain with the assistance from:

the William T. Fulbright Foundation (1997) and

Berklee College of Music (1996).

Francisco Carreño Garrido

Director of Bands

Cheste, Spain

Jose Blasco Garcia

La Armonica Librarian

Buñol, Spain


Miguel Vallés Manzano

Tubist, Banda Municipal

Valencia, Spain



Juan Mifsud


Tabernes Villdigna, Spain



Bernardo Adam Ferrero

Director of Spanish National Navy Band


Vicente Cardona Sanz


Municipal Band of Valencia


Jesus Piles


Valencia, Spain


Miguel Mengual


Valencia, Spain & Boston, Massachusetts


Rafael Sanz Espert

Director of Unió Musical

Llíria, Spain



Carmen Gomez, Municipal Library of Valencia

Francisco Pontones, Department of Culture and Education, City of Valencia

Patricia Zahniser, Program Director, Commission for Cultural Educational and Scientific Exchange between the United States of America and Spain, Madrid, Spain

Salvador Chuliá, President of the Association of Composers of Valencia

Jose Miguel Martinez Falomir, Municipal Band of Valencia

José Tello Espert, Director of Yatoba, Band

la familia de los Santos de Buñol

and always Linda M. S. Fritze who was always there.


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