Compositions for Wind Instruments by Spanish Composers

compiled by Gregory Fritze

Welcome to the Spanish Band Music Website! This is a comprehensive list of over one-hundred pieces for wind instruments composed by Spanish composers. You will be able to discover over one hundred compositions that have not left the the country of Spain.

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Many of these pieces were composed especially for the grand symphonic concert bands of Valencia, the area considered by many as the most active area of concert bands in the world. This catalog summarizes composer information, stylistic analysis, availability for performance, level of difficulty, duration and instrumentation. From this Internet home page, you will be able to get detailed information on each of these wind compositions. There are also opportunities to listen to recorded examples of several of the pieces on your computer using Realaudio®.

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Aquí está la información de mas de cien obras para banda de España. Muchas de estas obras se componen para las bandas simfónicas grandes de Valencia, España; una provincia que tiene una gran reputación de bandas buenas. Hay una página donde se puede ver una lista completa de las obras, donde es posible escucharlas y obtener mas información: análisis del estilo, nivel de la dificultad, duración de la obra, instrumentación, biografía del compositor y algunas veces un ejemplo con sonido con Realplayer®. Si no tiene Ud. Realplayer® es posible obtenerlo gratis via internet.

Algun dia espero tranducir esta información entera en Español. Por ahora espero que sea posible para ustedes que disfruten de esta investigación con toda la información que se incluye. A continuación, un ejemplo:


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Apellidos del compositor


Composer's First Name

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Level of Difficulty - Grade 6

nivel de dificultad - de 1 a 6

Duration - 19:47


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Instrumentation Instrumentación

Full Concert Band: Piccolo, Flutes, Oboes, Bassoons, Eb Clarinet, Principal Clarinet, 3 Bb Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophones, Tenor Saxophones, Baritone Saxophone, French Horns, Trumpets, Flüglehorns, Trombones, Euphoniums, Tubas and Percussion.

Composition Notes Notas sobre la obra

Winner of Premio "Maestro Villa" 1985. In four movements 1. "Tocata" acts as the prelude of the piece starting with descending patterns of various distinctions including clusters, repeating ostinatos, and rhythmic elements which are later developed. 2. "Aria" Has an extended solo for the oboe over a sparsely orchestrated ostinato. The melody is repeated and developed in other orchestrations with other soloists. Some parts seem to be inspired by Shönberg's "Five Pieces for Orchestra" 3. "Rondó" Features a flüglehorn solo over orchestration as the primary theme then features a second section of a sextet of three flutes and three bassoons. After a return of the Flüglehorn theme another section features three oboes. 4. "Finale" Presents a twelve-tone series in chorale texture alternating with more rhythmic presentations. After extensive development with different orchestrations, a grand choral based on the twelve-tone row precedes a coda based on the beginning material from the first movement.

Harmonic vocabulary is rich with tone clusters, vertical structures based on twelve-tone rows, with several kinds of color sonorities built on intervals of thirds, fourths and mixtures. The melodies are often atonal, but sometimes modal over an atonal accompaniment. Textures vary greatly with extensive polyphony contrasted with homophonic and block textures. Instrumentation utilizes virtuosic solos for several instruments including Eb clarinet, oboe and percussion.

Composer Notes Biografía del compositor

Born in Riola (Valencia) in 1941. As a youth he played in the town band under the direction of his father. He studied at the Conservatory Superior where he won awards in harmony and counterpoint studying with Palau, composition with Blanquer and conducting with Ferríz. He conducted several bands in Buñol, Carcagente, Cullera and Cheste and won awards in Kerkrade (Holland) and in the Certamen of Valencia with the "El Litro" Band of Buñol. He became head of the counterpoint department at the Conservatory Superior of Valencia. His numerous composition awards including the "Polifonía Religiosa de Moncada" in 1968 and the "Ricardo Villa" award in 1985 for "Caos". His compositions are known to have an extended vocabulary of harmony, textures and counterpoint.

Performance Information Información sobre conciertos o discos compactos

Municipal Band of Madrid Recording available on RTVE-Música 65096 Banda "Premios Maestro Villa" Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid

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