Concertino for Tuba and Orchestra

Medium: Orchestra

Concertino for Tuba was arranged in 2005 from the band version which was composed in 2003. The duration is 13 minutes. The band version is grade 4 with the solo tuba grade 5. The solo tuba and band orchestration was adapted from Concertino for Euphonium and Band commissioned by the United States Army Band «Pershing’s Own» in 1995. In 2002 Gary Bird asked me to compose a piece for him with band that was to be premiered by the Volga Band of Saratov, Russia conducted by Mary Ann Craig in 2004. Gary knew several of my compositions and asked me to compose a piece similar my Concertino for Euphonium and Band that was composed for Bob Powers and the United States Army Band. In 2004 Gary told my that he would be playing a solo with the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra and asked me to do a version for symphony orchestra. It was premiered by the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra; Istvan Jaray, Conductor in 2006. The orchestral version was recorded by Gary Bird and the Oak Grove Symphony Orchestra; Jack Stamp, Conducting. It is on the CD Tuba Safari on Albany Records. The band version was recorded by Gary Bird and the IUP Wind Ensemble; Jack Stamp, Conducting. Concertino for Tuba and Orchestra was a Semi Finalist Winner in the American Prize Composition Competition – Orchestra Division in 2017, the only concerto awarded a prize in the Orchestra Division that year.


6-Apr-06 by Johnstown Symphony Orchestra

Commissioned by

Gary Bird


The American Prize in Composition 2017, Orchestra Division, Semi Finalist


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