Excursions for Brass Quintet and Brass Ensemble

Medium: Chamber Music

Excursions is a feature for brass quintet, much like the concerto grosso style of the Baroque period, but with more modern thematic music. The first theme, “traveling”, is presented first in the trumpet. The second theme is a slow cantabile melody that is presented first by the trumpet and then the entire group. The third theme is a jazz ballad that features the trombone. The fourth theme is a fanfare that features the horn, with a dramatic effect having the horn call from the audience. After this the entire brass section is featured with the percussion. The fifth theme is a funk-rock theme featuring the solo tuba. After this, all five themes are presented at the same time in counterpoint. Excursions for Brass Quintet and Brass Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble was arranged in 2021 and is an adaptation of Excursions for Brass Quintet and Band that was composed especially for the Spanish Brass Luur Metalls in 2010. The band version has been performed over one hundred times all over the world by different quintets and concert bands. A brass ensemble version was first arranged in 2012. This new version was recorded by the Spanish Brass and the Brass and Percussion sections of the Banda Municipal of Valencia (Spain), Rafael Sanz-Espert, Conductor. It is on the CD “Music for Brass Quintet by Gregory Fritze” on the Spanish Brass label. The 2021 recorded version includes extra players (euphonium, timpani and mallets) compared to the 2012 version. The instrumentation is: 3 Trumpets, Flugelhorn, 4 Horns in F, 3 Trombones, Euphonium (optional), Tuba, 2 Solo Trumpets, Solo Horn, Solo Trombone, Solo Tuba, Timpani (optional) Drum Set, Mallets (optional) (Xylophone, Chimes, Suspended Cymbal or Gong


4-Jul-13 by Spanish Brass Ensemble, Alzira, Spain

Commissioned by

Inda Bonete


The American Prize in Composition 2022 Chamber Music Division - 2nd Prize


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