Three Pieces for Tuba Ensemble

Medium: Chamber Music

Three Pieces for Tuba Ensemble is a collection of three pieces that were composed at different times for different occasions. This set makes up a good «suite» for concert performance. Although listed as a «tuba» ensemble compositions, euphoniums usually play the higher two parts. All three are written in five parts. Optional substitute parts for French Horn and Flüglehorn are also included in this set, as well as euphonium parts in treble clef.Salutation Fanfare was composed in 1985 for performance at the New York Brass Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. That year, famous tubist Harvey Phillips was being honored at a special concert.  This piece started the concert with the composer conducting an ensemble of about twenty euphonium and tuba players made up of Indiana University alumni, free-lance musicians and other friends of Mr. Phillips. The piece is based on the phrase «Harvey Phillips Mr. Tuba». Simple Gifts is a traditional American folksong that has been arranged by many composers over the years. This arrangement was done in 1990 for performance at the International Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association Conference held in Sapporo, Japan. It was premiered by the Colonial Tuba Quartet that year. It has been arranged in four parts as well as this arrangement in five parts.Octubafest Polkawas composed in 1976 at the request of Harvey Phillips for performance at the Octubafest activities at Indiana University. It was premiered by the Indiana University Tuba Ensemble that year, conducted by Harvey Phillips. Mr. Phillips was the first to use the word «Octubafest», probably in 1974 or 1975. Octubafest celebrations have taken place at many schools and universities ever since, usually in the month of October. He said that having an Octubafest celebration early in the school year provided an opportunity for new students entering college to get to know each other. At Indiana University during Harvey Phillips’ tenure (1973 – 1996) the Octubafest concerts were always followed by a party at Harvey’s house, making for a good time for all.


1-Oct-76 by Indiana University Tuba Ensemble

Commissioned by

Harvey Phillips