Flor de Azahar

Medium: Concert Band/ Wind Ensemble

Flor de Azahar – Un Concierto para Banda Sinfónica, was composed in 2006 on commission by the CIM La Armonica for performance in the Valencia Certamen International Band Competition of 2006. The premiere performance was June 30, 2006 by the CIM La Armonica, Pascual Balaguer Echevarría, conductor. I was honored to be asked to compose a piece for the CIM La Armonica Band, as I visited the town of Buñol many times since 1993. I also played tuba many times in the band and knew the musicians personally so it was like composing for my friends. Throughout the piece each section of the band is featured, like a concerto for band. I also included two special elements in the piece: one was a glass harmonica and the other was the use of eight bass drums with French horns in the Intermezzo movement. Thomas Bloch, internationally famous glass harmonica player, performed with the band in the premiere and he is also featured on the recording with David Fiuza. The CIM La Armonica won First Prize at the Certamen in 2006 with this piece. I Introduction II Intermezzo – for horns and bass drums in surround sound III Dance of Happiness IV. Night Music V. Fugue


7-Jul-06 by Banda C. I. M. La Armonica

Commissioned by

Banda C. I. M. La Armonica


First Prize Valencia Certamen of Bands 2006