Four Directional Fanfares for Brass Quintet

Medium: Chamber Music

Four Directional Fanfares for Brass Quintet (and optional tympani) was arranged and compiled in 2020 expressly for the Spanish Brass. Each fanfare is named after the four directions of the compass with each having a different duration. I. North (70 seconds), II. South (50 seconds), III. East (20 seconds) and IV. West (2 Minuets and 30 seconds). An optional timpani part has been added in the score and may be used to enhance the sound in ceremonial situations. The composer has played and conducted in many brass ensembles over the years as well as composing many fanfares of different lengths to suit the occasion. A brass ensemble can always use new fanfares. These fanfares were recorded by the Spanish Brass in 2020 on the CD “Music for Brass Quintet by Gregory Fritze” on the Spanish Brass label. These fanfares are also on YouTube and Soundcloud.


28-Jun-21 by Spanish Brass

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Spanish Brass


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