Jazz Suite for Brass Quintet

Medium: Chamber Music

Jazz Suite for Brass Quintet was composed in 2021 expressly for the Spanish Brass. The four movements are composed in different styles and eras of Jazz. I. Cool Bop is of the ”Cool” era of jazz played in clubs of New York City in the 1950’s. II. Corona Blues is in the style of jazz played in the streets of New Orleans in the 1920’s. III. Brass Bossa is of the Bossa Nova era played in Brazil in the 1960’s. IV. Up is of the Big Band “Swing” era of the 1940’s. In the Brass Bossa third movement the 2nd trumpet player plays claves and the horn player plays triangle. In the Up fourth movement the horn plays triangle and the first trumpet player plays a percussion solo on instrument cases or “gig bags”. Every jazz suite needs to end with a drum solo!


28-Jun-21 by Spanish Brass

Commissioned by

Spanish Brass


Winner of the American Prize in Composition 2022 Pops Division. First Prize in the BrookWright International Brass Ensemble Composer Competition 2021 (mvt 1. Cool Bop)


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