Magallón Instrumento de Civilizaciones

Medium: Concert Band/ Wind Ensemble

Magallón Instrumento de Civilizaciones was commissioned by and written for La Sociedad Artístico Musical of Magallón, Spain to participate in the 16th World Music Contest in Kerkrade, the Netherlands in 2009. The piece in programatic in describing the small town of Magallón (current population of 1,000) through history. It starts with an oboe presentation of the of the traditional song “La Magallonera” by municipal organist Ramón Salvador. The oboe continues to present “La Magallonera” theme as an idée fixe during the historic depictions – Roman Empire, March of the Romans, through Medieval times (Song of Father Lorenzo, who was a Magallón monk, through the occupation by Napoleon, to contemporary times of industry and prosperity of the 20th Century.

Commissioned by

Victor Manuel Chueca Rodríguez, Mayor of Magallón, Spain


First Prize in the World Music Contest Keckrade 2009