Petite Suite for Brass Quintet

Medium: Chamber Music

Petite Suite for Brass Quintet was composed in 2000 on a commission from Domingo Torrella and the Strombor Brass Quintet. The first movement “Strombor” takes the name of the commissioning ensemble and opens with a fanfare by the entire quintet followed by a melodic second theme in the horn in changing meter. The second movement “Cancion” is slower in tempo with expressive melodies played in counterpoint by all of the instruments. The third movement “Attack of the Killer Bees” portrays a frantic depiction much as if bees were chasing a person. The final note at the end of the movement shows a bit of theater for concertgoers. “…. All players should stand up and walk to the front of the stage and make a collective gesture of stomping on an insect. The last movement “Finale” starts with a short sarcastic melody similar to cartoon music. The second theme is more expressive and melodic. Petite Suite for Brass Quintet has been recorded by three different brass quintets – the Strombor Brass Quintet in 2002 on Allegro Records, the HoodleBug Brass on Albany Records and the Spanish Brass in 2021.

Commissioned by

Strombor Brass Quintet


The American Prize in Composition 2016 Chamber Music Division Finalist


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