Prelude and Dance

Medium: Chamber Music

Prelude and Dance was composed during the winter of 1989-90 for performance at the TUBA International Tuba and Euphonium Conference in Sapporo, Japan by the Colonial Tuba Quartet. The Prelude was inspired by J.S. Bach’s Komme Susser Tod (Come Suite Death) which is a chorale often played by tuba ensembles at T.U.B.A. conventions. The opening melody in the tuba is derived from similar pitch material found in the Bach chorale. The Prelude ends with a quote from the chorale. The Dance is a contrasting movement built on four themes each of different character. Each of the four instrumentalists demonstrates his own theme. Tuba II states the first theme, “Rock Style” rhythmic figure that serves as the pulse for the entire movement. The second theme is a jazz-like figure played by tuba I. The third theme is presented in euphonium I as a virtuosic figure of scales and the fourth theme is presented by euphonium II as a hymn-like melody reminiscent of the Prelude from before. All themes are then presented at once in counterpoint before the finale of the piece. The Colonial Tuba Quartet has performed over 100 concerts and clinics throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. It was the usual ending piece on every concert.

Commissioned by

The Colonial Tuba Quartet


The American Prize in Composition 2017 Chamber Music Division Semi Finalist


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