Sonata for Piano

Medium: Solo Music

Sonata for Piano was composed in 1989. In 2005 it was submitted to the Renée Fischer Composition Competition and it won first prize, that being a commissioned piece for solo piano where Flying Game (Quidditch) was composed for the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. The Sonata for Piano is in three movements – I. Allegretto, II. Adagio, Rubato III. Allegro. The first movement is in Sonata form with the Principal theme area has a tonal center of “C”. After a short Transition area the Second theme area on “A” then a Closing theme ending the Exposition. The Exposition is repeated. The development starts on the note “G” and after modulations to several key centers ends with a dominant preparation to the recapitulation to “C”. The second theme returns to the area of “G” . The coda ends on “C”. The second movement is though composed and programatic since it is based on melodic manipulation of the song “Happy Birthday” in a melancholy manner. The third movement is in a classic Rondo form. This piece was recorded by Christopher Aztinger on MSR Classics.


1-Mar-90 by Michael Dewart

Commissioned by

Michael Dewart


First Prize Winner in the René Fischer Composition Competition 2006


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