Three American Folksongs

Medium: Chamber Music

Three American Folksongs for Brass Quintet was arranged in 2021 expressly for the Spanish Brass. 1. Oh Shenandoah is a traditional American folk song from the 19th Century of traders traveling down the Missouri River in canoes. II. Simple Gifts is a Shaker song written and composed in 1848, generally attributed to Elder Joseph Brackett (1797 – 1882) of Alfred Shaker Village in the state of Maine. This arrangement is for a tuba feature that the composer Gregory Fritze did in 1988 when he first started performing children’s concerts with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Brass Quintet, when he had to demonstrate the tuba. He adjusted this for the Spanish Brass in 2021. III. Yankee Doodle is a traditional folksong that dates to pre-revolutionary times, probably 1770’s.


28-Jun-21 by Spanish Brass

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Spanish Brass


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